My Favourite Garden Plants




There are many splendid plants for the garden, we all have our favourites. But I feel that the best ones either multi task with more than one feature, or do one thing extremely well.


So what to look for? Obviously flowers are important, but there are many other things to look for like leaf colour, evergreen, autumn colour, scents, attracting wildlife, etc.


My top ten garden plants are:

(In no particular order.)

Photinia Red Robin: An evergreen with red leaves.

Silver Birch (Jaquemontii): The white bark shines out all year.

Box: You can torture it into any shape.

Amelanchier Canadensis: White flowers, the young leaves are red, berries and autumn colour.

Viola Tricolour: Happy smiley faces.

Viburnum Carlesii: The most fragrant white flowers.

Prunus Pissardii Nigra: Pink flowers are followed by red leaves.

Dianthus (Pinks): Fragrant flowers all summer.

Plum Trees: You can eat the plums until you are sick.

Red Sage: Red sage tea cures lots of things.

Buddleia Harlequin: Red flowers attract butterflies and has variegated leaves.


Some of the plants on this list don’t really multi task but I just like them and that is as good a reason as any to have them in the garden.


The other thing to look for is matching the times when things look best so that there is always something going on. It is easy to fill the garden with flowers in the spring. But in the depths of winter anything that gives a bit of interest earns its keep. Late summer is a difficult time to get a little sparkle going which seems odd till you realise flowers are about producing seed before winter.


I think we are wandering into that difficult area: ‘The Birds and the Bees.’





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