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I don’t know if the economic climate brings out the squirrel in us but there does seem to be a definite trend. The one thing about gardening that I have heard people say more often than anything else recently is: ‘I’ve just started a veggie patch.’


This is rarely about saving money. It’s more about other things, such as knowing where your food comes from and the satisfaction of producing your own food. Maybe we want our CV’s to include ‘Hunter Gatherer’.


The traditional image of a veg patch being an untidy mess at the back of the house or an allotment is not what I am seeing. These are smart areas in a corner of the garden set out neatly with little shaped beds edged with wood or low box hedging. Neat lines of tasty produce being produced for the table.


So if you are thinking about giving it a try. Now is the time to dust off the spade and get digging. I wouldn’t be too ambitious to start with, just a small patch and grow a few easy things. Melons and Bananas can come later. The motivation is ‘I can’t wait to get home, chill out in my veggie patch and get something scrumptious for tea.’, not ‘Oh no, I must do something with that great big mess I’ve made, with weeds taller than me.’


It is always good to start with potatoes as they help to break up the soil and are really easy. Then you could maybe try a bit of salad veg.


No. You should not be growing what I like, it should be what you like, unless you are going to give it to me for my tea.




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