Planting up a Border

{or the whole garden if you are ambitious}



 Where do I start!!!  Panic.


Well what I do is take the mower round the garden missing out all the bits that are hard to get into. Then all these tricky places are potential borders. The next time you mow it will be much easier. And you will have a nice curved edge to your lawn.


What you do is get a selection of your favourite plants and place them still in their pots round the border. Put the ones that grow the biggest at the back coming down to the smallest at the front. You leave them for a bit and swap them round a few times till you get bored or decide you have reached perfection. Then you plant them in the soil.


Spacing them out is the trickiest part because what looks like a tiny little plant in a pot is going to grow to many times its original size. They are going to need plenty of growing room between them. So if you space them out properly the result looks rather sad, just a few twigs dotted about a massive area of bare soil. When you show your friends all your hard work, if they are polite they will say: ĒMmm. Thatís going to look good when itís grown a bit.Ē


How can we keep our integrity and do the job properly? One trick is to fill up all the spaces with bedding plants for the first couple of years then it will look colourful while the main planting matures. A layer of bark chips always makes it look complete, with the added bonus of keeping the weeds down and retaining moisture.


What to put in the border? Try to plan it so that there is something to look at all year. Most plants flower in the Spring to produce seed in the Autumn, so spring flowering is the easy one. For the Summer there are surprisingly few shrubs flowering, but there are also ones with coloured leaves to look out for. For Autumn there are berries and the wonderful autumn shades of the leaves. A few evergreens and winter flowering shrubs brighten up the Winter.


Oh! And donít forget you will

need a spade!  



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