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When I was in the Scouts doing Bob a Job an old lady had me tidying up her garden. She said “The most important part of gardening is the back end.” So I thought “I’ll just sit here then.” Unfortunately she went on to say “If you get everything tidy before Winter, come the Spring it will all look its best.” So I realised I was going to earn my Bob that day.


The problem is that if you really have a good sort out in the Autumn, get everything really tidy. What happens next? We have a really strong gale, there are leaves everywhere, a few branches or even a tree down. Another good clean up required. How many times did you cut the grass and put the mower away for the Winter last year?


So I take the middle path. Have a bit of an extra session about now and try to do the bits I have been putting off all Year. Then come Spring do a bit more while it isn’t warm enough to relax in the sunshine.


This particularly applies to cutting things back in the Autumn. If you trim a plant back really hard in Autumn and we have a really hard Winter the poor thing will die back a bit more and there is nothing left. For example with Roses, if you cut them back half way in the Autumn they will look better, after the winter they always die back a bit, then as soon as they show some life trim them back to a bud and off they go. With bigger shrubs and trees this will prevent wind damage in the winter gales.


Herbaceous perennials rely on the cover of their dead leaves to protect the living part in the ground from the frost and snow. So although they can look a bit messy, just tidy them up a bit in the Autumn and leave the rest to give them a bit of protection then really sort them out in the Spring.


 Then there is the question about tidying up leaves. What happens? We get the first frost, the leaves drop and you rake them up. The wind blows, you rake up next door’s leaves that have blown in. The wind blows from the other direction, you rake up next door’s from the other direction. Then we have really strong wind and you rake up leaves from miles away. What is the solution?

Answers on a postcard please.



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