Sowing a Lawn





A couple of weeks ago we decided to level the lawn. So a few tons of topsoil were acquired. That was the easy part. But then it needed levelling. Let’s just say that I am glad that we have a tractor to do most of the heavy work.


I levelled the heaps out with the front end loader on the tractor, then smoothed it out a bit by dragging a pallet around. It was still not looking quite right as the top was smooth but it undulated quite a lot, and in some areas the soil was compacted by the machinery. There was nothing for it but to rotovate it which levels it as well as breaking up the soil. I had to rotovate it three times before the soil was fine enough to start raking it out to get a good finish. Finally after rolling and raking a bit more it looked Ok.


It was interesting talking to different people about finishing it off. Builders thought it should be levelled off with a board and spirit level just like concrete, engineers: if it looks right it is right, and gardeners similarly reckoned rake it till it looks flat.


It was ready for a layer of green on the top. So I got a price for turf which for 400 square metres cost from £800 to £2000 depending on quality, ouch! It was April, a perfect time to germinate seeds. So how about grass seed? 20 kilograms £80, that‘ll do.


The gods must have been with us because it started raining just as we finished raking the seed in.  Now just like the politicians I am waiting for the green shoots to appear.






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