The days are getting longer and the buds are starting to swell. Could it possibly be Spring.


If you are planning to plant anything now is a good time, before it has started growing. I always think that putting a small plant in at the beginning of the year is the same as planting a big one in the Autumn.


This is the time to feed the plants in the garden as they are going to start growing. To me it seems pointless feeding them in the Winter, they are not growing so they donít need any food. If you give them some manure at the beginning of the growing season it should last through the Summer till they stop again in the Autumn.


Well rotted manure is the best thing to use, so there is no point in standing at the back of a horse with a shovel and as a friend recently found out it can be a very painful experience.


It is worth going round any trees with stakes to check that they are not being strangled by the tree ties. Once a tree is established it does not need staking, so take it off and put it on the bonfire, or if you are not sure just loosen the tie off a bit. The worst offenders are nylon string and wire as they do not stretch as the tree grows but act more like a cheese cutter. If you are planting a tree and havenít got a proper tie try using an old pop sock as they are quite strong but soft and stretchy, probably better than proper tree ties. What you do is nail one end to the back of the stake go round the tree making a figure of eight and nail the other end. That way the tree is held away from the stake and does not rub. But remember always ask the owners permission first. They will be hopping mad if you pinch one of their new pop socks, believe me.



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