Summer Colour



Well all the sensible plants have flowered by now. Why you ask? Well it is because the idea is to produce lots of seeds to perpetuate their species. So most hardy plants flower in the Spring and produce lots of seeds that will secure their species survival during the summer. This is why the garden often looks a bit dull in the height of summer when we want to invite our friends around and show off the garden.


The solution? Some of the more simple plants have not worked this out yet so they flower all Summer. So plant a few roses, they are a bit simple, and they will flower all Summer long. It is a good idea to mix roses in with other plants in the border rather than mass planting them in a rose bed. That way they will less prone to disease and insects as they can not hop from one plant to the next so easily. Also some of the new varieties are much more disease resistant than they used to be.


Bedding out plants can always add plenty of Summer colour. They should not be considered too silly as they have to grow from a seed in the Spring, producing a riot of flowers in the Summer and seed before Winter. Then they give up at the first sign of frost and leave the next year to the kids. (or is it seedlings?)


My favourite for the summer months is mixing foliage colours. There are so many trees and shrubs with red, yellow & silver leaf colours. They can be mixed up against a green backdrop to give a colourful look to the garden all summer. The best blue foliage however comes from the evergreen conifers.  


Of course you canít have just foliage colour so I would add a few more simpletons like hydrangeas, fuchsias, buddleias and herbaceous perennials to the mix. That should sort it out.





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