Well to be honest I wouldn’t do any gardening this time of year. All you do is get the sun lounger out and relax. The birds will provide the music. (This is written in the hope that the sun will shine all June.)


If you get bored you could mow the lawn, then wander down to the vegetable plot and have a snack, things always taste better if you pick them and eat them straight away. Hands up anyone who has ever come back from picking blackberries with anything in the collecting bowl. (Those fingers look purple to me.)


It is a good time to look about and think about what you might do some time when you feel like it in the future. Are you overlooked from any direction? Does any part of the garden look a bit dull?  Shall I have another glass of wine? How could I brighten things up a bit? Is that dead tree likely to fall on me? I must take all that scrap to the tip. What could I do to the garden that would keep the kids amused so that they would give me a bit of peace? Are there any good views that I am missing?


Very often we miss the obvious, and very busily block out things that we don’t like to look at. Forgetting that by cutting back some overgrown plants we can let in so much more light.  This changes the atmosphere of the garden giving a much more open feeling. So many times when a house changes hands the new owner cuts back the overgrown jungle wondering why the previous owner never did it before. The answer is that it just crept up on them over the years.


This is the danger of sitting and planning, you might find yourself getting up and starting to do things.


You just have to be strong with yourself. Put your feet up and relax.






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