The Dark Nights





The clocks are about to change so many people will not see their garden during the week until spring. This is unfortunate as this is the most important time of year for tidying up and preparing for next year.


It’s time to get the rake out again and start collecting up leaves again. Or you could put the collector on the mower and suck them up. Then they are nicely minced up for the compost heap. The veg patch should be dug over ready for next year, or then again you could fire up the rotavator. It is the ideal time for any planting of bare root trees and hedging.


Planting a few bulbs now will give you a pleasant surprise in a few months time, especially if you forget where you put them. It is always a joy to see a crocus peeping out of the snow, reminding us that their companions the daffodils and tulips are on the way as they usher in the spring.


The apparent death and rebirth of trees each year as they leaf up in the spring only to drop their leaves in the autumn is the origin of The Green Man which can either be interpreted as ‘Spring is just round the corner’ or ‘Winter is on it’s way’ depending whether your cup is half full or half empty.


If your cup is of the half empty kind I would recommend getting outside whenever possible and just doing a bit, there is nothing like gardening to help your cup to overflow again.


If your cup is of the half full disposition, I should put your feet up. Your garden will probably tidy itself up.




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