Do you want to make your garden memorable? Ever thought of trying topiary?


You can buy Box Cones and Balls for tubs or finials for box hedges fairly reasonably.


But to make something really spectacular you need a fairly large evergreen already in your garden. The best ones are slightly odd shaped bushes. They will make the most interesting topiary. Then you get all creative and imagine what shape could be inside the bush.


There is always a ball, cone or column in a tree and these are good to practice on. The trick is to let the shape out by careful trimming. You get out the secateurs and cut the tree back a bit, stop have a good look from all angles and cut a bit more until you have the shape you want. Knowing when to stop is the hardest part. But if you do cut too much off, all is not lost, just tidy it up a bit and leave it to grow then try again.


A ball shape with a few stems sticking out can be trimmed and tied and you have a teapot or a snail.


If you have an unruly plant that sends out shoots in all directions, try trimming the foliage off the stems leaving a ball at the ends. You have just made a cloud tree, so you must be a Zen Master.


You could plant box or yew round a garden bench and shape it up to make a living sofa or chaise longue in the garden


Box hedges are excellent for dividing the garden up or defining the boundary of open plan gardens. But it doesn’t have to stop there. It can turn your garden into a castle by cutting out little chunks for battlements and maybe letting a few pieces grow up for turrets.


I have always wanted to trim a box hedge into a train running round the edge of the garden, it would have to be a steam train, but should I go for British or Wild West? Whatever I did it would have to include a box car.





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