How to keep plants alive during the hot summer months.




That was going to be this month’s article but as I am writing this it is pouring with rain and on the News there are floods everywhere. After the wettest June on record perhaps a bit about drainage would be more useful.


But let us not be down hearted. When it stops raining and the great golden ball reappears in the sky anything you have planted in the last few months will need watering.


Watering plants is simple. The only thing to remember is to really wet the ground not just damp the surface. The idea is to make the roots follow the water down to ground water. If you just wet the surface the plant will grow its roots upwards then if you miss a few days it will suffer as it has no deep roots to find a drink. A mulch of bark will also help to retain moisture in the soil and it keeps the weeds down.


“What about feeding?” I can hear you say. Well plants are very like us. Without water they will not last very long at all. But they can survive on very little food for ages, and too much food can kill them. Feeding increases the rate of growth, but usually there are plenty of nutrients in the soil for plants to grow.


Now regarding flooding what you need is drainage which if you already have a garden it is a bit late. However there are a few things that can help a bit. A border where water lies after heavy rain can be built up a bit preferably by mixing sand in the soil. Planting a willow can dry out a wet patch by sucking the water up.


The basic rule is if you want to retain water add compost or bark to the soil and if you want to get water away add sand or grit.


Any way I am betting that this year we won’t have a hosepipe ban.


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