Wild Flowers




A couple of people have come to the nursery recently asking about getting wild flower seeds. They both had untidy areas that were hard to look after and thought that sowing some wild flowers would make an interesting feature with minimum maintenance.

The best way to make a wild flower area is to clear off the existing vegetation in the autumn and sow a mixture of meadow grass and wildflower seed. Just sowing the wildflower seed in grass is not always successful. But you can convert an area of grass to a wildflower meadow. First you sow the wildflower seed in seed trays or plugs, then you trim the grass hard back when it has stopped growing in the autumn and plant the wild flower seedlings amongst the grass. You can get mixes of wildflower seed for all different soil types, for sun or shade, wet or dry etc.

It is ideal for an orchard, the edge of a pond or stream, or a wooded area.  You can mow a path through a larger area leaving the meadow all summer. In the autumn trim back the whole area when the flowers have seeded. You will probably have to remove any unwanted things like docks, brambles or nettles from time to time. 


The great thing about the wildflowers is that they are happy to grow and seed in our climate without any help from us. You can always introduce some new varieties each year to make it more interesting, even collecting your own seed if you see a flower that you like.







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