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Many years ago I was fortunate enough to visit some Japanese temple gardens.


They were designed by Buddhist Monks as places of meditation. I will never forget walking into one temple garden and feeling a sense of complete tranquillity. I just sat down in my reverie and the next thing I remember was the guide coming to look for me. The other tourists were looking round the temple doing touristy things like taking photos or looking for a gift shop.


The other memorable garden was at Ryoan-ji with 15 stones laid out on a bed of raked sand. It is remarkable that a few stones and some sand could produce such tranquillity. Sadly it was lessened due to the number of visitors queuing to see this strange wonder. But it was still there.


The point ?


If we have our own garden we can recreate this atmosphere and experience this tranquillity. It is not about the garden, but our connection with it. Starting to use all of our senses to see, feel, hear and smell. Then thoughts will start coming to us like; ‘Do you know what would look good there?’ Then have the confidence to try it.


Tranquillity is not easily found in little books with pictures of flowers, rocks and drops of water. If you want to find it, all you have to do is go out into your own garden and there it is. Your personal outdoor space can be whatever you choose it to be.


Even the veg patch has it in abundance. Look at a pot to see your seedlings coming up and there it is. Watch the robin going about his business and listen to him sing. Smell those ripe strawberries. Mmmm.


Feel the force !



Stop Press: BBC News announced today. It has been proved that just five minutes exercise in a green space can improve mental health. Wow it took over 1000 years but the message gets through in the end.




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